Getting Started

Course Description

The Getting Started course covers the basic information you need to start exploring the HR Learn LMS. It outlines how to get technical support as well as reviews the HR Learn LMS interface and navigation basics – including the My Dashboard screen.


Course Modules

  • Customer Support
  • Learn how to access the HR Learn support system to submit support requests, search the product knowledgebase, and request training. (Duration: 2 min)
  • HR Learn LMS Overview
  • This module provides a high-level overview and orientation to the HR Learn LMS interface and navigation. You will learn how the system is organized and where everything is located. (Duration: 7 min)
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • The My Dashboard screen is an essential screen where users will spend most of their time. This module covers the layout of the Dashboard and how to use and configure the widgets. (Duration: 5 min)