Skill Development for Professionals

Edu Prime PD is aware of the need to consistently offer teacher training

We offer a variety of specialized training intended to help administrators, teachers, and other educators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

Our Services

Online Workshop

Do it at your pace. Register your online Professional Development Course and finish it at your pace.

One Day Workshops

Attend our one day workshops for a chance to engage and interact and learn with professionals.

Multi-Day Workshops

Attend our multi day workshops in cities all over the country, save on discounted travel and accommodation rates and earn your professional development credits while enjoying new city delights.

Out of the Classroom

Engage with professionals outside the classroom, learn how to use our environment like a big laboratory.

meet face to face with retired teachers

Learn from the best in the game.

Expert Guidance

Learn from industry leaders

What Our Customers Say

“The online course offerings allow us to connect to inspiring educators and to learn specific and practical strategies to improve teaching practice. Courses were offered in a variety of lengths and throughout the year to fit our schedule.”

Greg Young

Our Company


Edu Prime provides comprehensive educational solutions with a mission to close the Academic Achievement Gap.

Edu Prime is a Monority Owned and Operated Business

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